first words! / by alex redfield

As we kick off the most exciting development in our farming career (the creation of this blog), I'm discovering a new type of writer's block. I'm not stumped for topics to cover or unsure about what tone to strike or anxiously refreshing the stats page to see how many suckers have arrived here - but there's something pretty intimidating about writing the first post on a platform that Hillary and I have been thinking about for a long time. 

It's not the blog itself, of course, that's a bit overwhelming. But rather the fact that after ten years of trying to contribute to and learn from other farms and farmers, we're finally at a point where our farm is starting to take shape. When we started, neither of us imagined we'd be farming together or that Hillary would be fighting tooth and nail to get permanent residency in the US, let alone that we'd be struggling to find the words to share with people who might share our food with us - but somewhere along the way we came up with a vision of what our farm could look like and what we could try to build together. Since that ideal started to come together in our heads, we've been working very deliberately to try to make it a reality - taking on summers of menial, thankless jobs just to get experience with farm systems that we might draw from some day; or sacrificing god knows how many Saturday mornings to peddle kohlrabi to see first-hand what kind of food can get people excited at market. 

So, we're doing it! Or doing something! Old Hat Farm this year is a big first step in our attempt to contribute to a food system and community politics that we feel good about. Whether or not it's hard to find the words for a blog post, we're excited to be sharing our thoughts and successes and failures and cantaloupes with you.  

Thanks for your support! It really means a lot to both of us!