2016, Gone in a Puff of Smoke / by alex redfield

We've tried to be active bloggers at various points of our lives - Alex tried to review rock shows he went to in DC when he was 20 and had no friends, Hillary wrote smart articles about slaughterhouses in Ontario a few years back. As you can tell, it never really stuck. 2017 is a year of new...well...everything, and why not make it a new regimen of frequent and articulate blog posts.

If, by some chance,  you've only followed our farm through this website, let's give you the highlights:

In 2016, we started a CSA. We had really great people sign up and grew some food for them. There were some things that didn't work so well (it was historically dry, our carrots sucked) and things that worked really well (we consumed more watermelon in calendar year 2016 than in the past 5 years put together). 

In 2017, things are kind of the same and kind of different. The same in that we are once again offering a CSA with weekly deliveries of fresh, good produce starting in June. The same in that we're again excited to connect directly with the kind folk who support our farm and support our food through the CSA program. Different in that we're moving to Falmouth, ME to be closer to Alex's dayjob and to find land with good water access and that we're making changes to our crop planning and production methods to do a better job providing a wider range of veggies in each box more efficiently.

We're both looking forward to sharing more about this spring with you through the blog here. Hold us to it...please.