We're primarily a CSA Farm, with a side of sales to small restaurants and farm stores. If you'd like to buy our vegetables read on - maybe we deliver to your neck of the woods!


CSA stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’. It’s a model that allows you to purchase a share of our farm’s harvest for the growing season. You’re guaranteed a selection of super-fresh and tasty vegetables delivered to a pick-up point near you once a week – and we’re guaranteed to have buyers for the food that we grow. In other words, we promise to be your devoted farmers for 6 months and you promise to be our devoted eaters! As a CSA member, you eat lots of top notch vegetables and participate in a unique and direct way in your local food system. Supporting this farm means you're supporting a kind of agriculture that you can be proud of. 

A lovely CSA member picks up a September 2016 share!

A lovely CSA member picks up a September 2016 share!

The Community Supported Agriculture model means a lot to us as farmers.

  • Signing up for a share provides us with a stable outlet for our crops, so we can  accurately plan our planting and harvest targets - and ensure that the food we grow  gets enjoyed instead of wasted.

  • Paying for part or all of your CSA share in the spring provides us with capital when we need it. Farms often lay out more than 50% of their expenses in the spring for seeds, equipment, and supplies, months before cash comes in from crop sales.

  • We really value knowing and being connected to the people who eat our food. Having a CSA program means we get to actually meet the people we're growing for, which is increasingly rare these days. We find it really rewarding to get to know the people we're growing for!