Old Hat Farm is run by Alex & Hillary. We moved to Maine last year after eight years of adventuring together on farms and sometimes in cities in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Southern Maine is Alex’s long-time home and Hillary’s newly adopted one. And even though a distaste for lobster is among the many qualities we share, we’re very happy to be getting acquainted with this fine corner of the world.

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More about Hillary
Hailing from a friendly town outside of Ottawa, Canada, she has spent the past 10 years interviewing butchers, knitting mittens, writing essays, jumping on planes, feeding pigs, and growing vegetables (among other things). Hillary has worked on on organic farms in Ontario, Maine & Nova Scotia and was Old Hat's full-time grower last year. Her favorite pie may be raspberry, her finest quality is not decisiveness, and she loves paddling canoes.



More about Alex
Alex didn’t grow up on a farm - but still comes from a farming family. His dad, Stew, and mom, Sarah, operate Lakeside Family Farm out of Newport, Maine.  He makes a very nice hollandaise and treats the family puggle Maggie like a farm dog despite her inclinations. This year, he is chief crop-planner and tractor-fixer. Alex also works to help refugees and immigrants who want to start farm businesses at a really cool organization called Cultivating Community